Monday 8
Hodgiana B
Chair: Shane Glackin
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Responses and reflections
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Session: Hodgeana(Hoquet, Bowler, Radick, Ruse, Lopez Beltran,Hodge):

I am profoundly grateful to all those who have organized and will be contributing to this discussion.Looking ahead to the occasion itself, our main aim will be to clarify the historical, philosophical, social and biological issues themselves, and to do so not just for ourselves, the session paticpants, but for everyone in the room. To keep discussion of misunderstandings to a minimum, I am going to be sending commentators some published and unpubished items designed to do just this. That way we can focus on the primary issues and also let the discussion range all the way to those religious. political and other questions which so often enliven and enhance ISH conversations in and between the scheduled sessions.


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