Monday 8
Transnational Science During the Cold War B
Chair: Edna Suarez-Diaz. The last 30 minutes will be devoted to a general discussion with all the participants
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Human population studies and the World Health Organization
Soraya De Chadarevian  1@  
1 : University of California Los Angeles  (UCLA)

Session: Transnational science during the Cold War (Santesmases, Creager, Zachmann, de Chadarevian, Barahona, Smocovitis)

In the postwar era international organizations like the WHO and UNESCO embraced science and medicine as prime vehicles to foster international cooperation. The paper will analyze how scientists used the opportunities offered by the WHO, who profited and how. It will look at some of the projects that were promoted, the tools that were created and their long-time legacies, especially in the fields of radiation biology, human genetics and human population studies.

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