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Retrospective survey of ethical conceptions' development in the system “man – environment”
Yurij Duplenko  1@  , Svitlana Ruda  2@  
1 : National University “Kyiv Mohуla Academy”
G. Scovorody, Str., 2, Kyiv 04655 -  Ukraine
2 : Institute of Art Modelling and Design
Berejanska Str., 5, Kyiv 04074 -  Ukraine

The aim of presented paper and proposed training course is consideration of ethics mutual problem in the system “man-environment” in retrospective terms and in modern conditions as a complex interdisciplinary scientific branch.

Important aspects of ecology are philosophical and ethic problems, among which are such as ecological crisis, formation and modern state of ecological ethics considered as a section of social ecology.

First of all the knowing on a powerful influence of interlink between Man and Nature is very important. Nature has no homeostatic mechanisms which would allow it to compensate the effects of modern anthropogenic loads until human activity is beyond of control. One of the base philosophical problems is formation and modern state of ecological ethics. History of moral human conceptions regarding environment and influence of ethno-cultural features on this process is considered in course. There are cosmic ethics; examples of literature Utopia; D. Andreev's conception; analysis of ecological-economical activities by S. Podolinsky; noosphere conceptions ву V. Vernadsky and P. Teilhard de Chardin; eco-ethical A. Schweitzer's conception.

The presentation of conception “relationship with the environment” from ethical relations point of view and demonstration of ways of introduction of continuous environmental enlightenment and education are followed. It shows that study of the differences between moral and legal regulation of eco-ethical behaviour opens prospect to creating a modern ecological-educational model for working-out a qualitatively new level of thinking and public actions.

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