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Teaching Biology C (submitted papers)

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Advisability of training course “The history of bacterial phytopathology” in higher education institutions
Vira Gamaliia  1@  , Oksana Zabuga  2@  
1 : Borys Grinchenko Kiev University
18/2 Vorovskogo Str, 04053 Kiev -  Ukraine
2 : D.F.Chebotarev State Institute of Gerontology NAMS of Ukraine
67, Vyshgorodska str., 04114 Kiev -  Ukraine

During the beginning of XXI century some new directions in the history of science, including the history of bacterial plant pathology were developed. However, for the understanding of the place of bacterial plant pathology as a separate discipline in the biological sciences, its content, objectives and methods should be defined clearly.

Bacterial phytopathology is the science of plant diseases, resulted by bacteria. The mission of this branch is the detection of such diseases, the development of their prevention and control, isolation and study of pathogens. The modern bacteriological phytopathology uses heritage disciplines of biological, medical, agronomical and several other fields (morphology and plant anatomy, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, breeding, microbiology, immunology, climatology, meteorology, etc.). Solving its own tasks, bacterial phytopathology is related to an improving of human wellness and ecological situation, besides it is involved into a reconstruction of the evolution of biosphere.

Like all new ideas, the bacterial phytopathology has passed a complex path of its development. It should be noted that a significant role in its establishment and institutionalization have played Ukrainian scientists.

The teaching of the bacterial plant pathology will be useful not only for future farmers and microbiologists. This discipline can become the one of the components of a general course of the history of science directed to the formation of outlook and a true understanding of a place and role of human in the system of nature.

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